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What is the Mohawk?

also known in some places as the Mohican is a hairstyle where you typically shave either side of the head and leave a strip of longer hair in the middle. Often, the hair left in the middle will be spiked and colored.

As with any good hairstyle, there are many variations to the Mohawk. The dreadhawk for example, is a Mohawk where the hair is dreadlocked instead of containing upward spikes.

The style of the hair is actually rather diverse and can be worn up like liberty spikes depending on the length of dreads. It can also be braided, or pulled back. to Do Senegalese Twists | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_2154048_do-senegalese-twists.html#ixzz0wBmlu5Vj



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